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"Ashley always used to say, 'There will only be two men for me, and that's Ben and Jerry,'" he says. I would always tell my girls, 'You love that race car more than anybody, because I guarantee you, it will be there as long as you want it. And you may want to go, too.'" Force was getting the sense something was up.She and Rahal, 11 months into their relationship, were on a nighttime gondola ride in Venice, Italy, last Thanksgiving weekend, and Rahal was "acting weird." He'd start to say something, look around, and suddenly shift to some random subject. She'd learn later that Rahal had been waiting for some ambient light to appear on the dark night so that when he popped out the Go Pro camera he'd brought to record the special occasion, he'd have a scenic background.They bridge the time apart with texting, Face Time and voice calls, and the airlines bring them together when their schedules permit.Usually, it's Rahal traveling to Southern California, where, he says with a half-smile, John Force likes to keep Courtney "under his thumb." "I can't even begin to tell you how many air miles I've built up in the last year," Rahal says."I don't see her racing for more than a few more years. I think your greatest achievement is your family -- forget about racing." Force doesn't give a specific timetable -- she's still focused on her racing -- and she's committed for now to her dad, whose team operates with a complex array of contracts.John Force says he's extracted a two-year waiting period from Rahal, and he jokes that it might be longer.In 2008, the Ohio native became the youngest winner of an Indy car race in his first Verizon Indy Car Series.He set records again the following year by becoming the youngest Verizon Indy Car Series pole winner.

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Oldest daughter Adria Hight is CFO of John Force Racing and is married to Funny Car driver Robert Hight. 2 daughter Ashley Force Hood drove a Funny Car for the family dynasty until 2011, when she stopped to start a family with Danny Hood, a team member.

"Graham understands why we're gone every weekend, living out of a suitcase, he gets the whole drill.

I can remember way before Graham, Courtney had boyfriends who couldn't deal with that." Force's schedule is 24 races, beginning in early February and ending in mid-November, and Rahal's is 16 weekends, running from late March through August.

Rahal got down on one knee on the wobbly boat and did what he'd decided to do before they'd left for England, France and Italy with his mother and stepfather.

And Force, eyes watering with happy tears, said yes to the marriage proposal.

“Happily engaged to my best friend and lady of my dreams,” Rahal tweeted.