Validating spanish vat numbers cupiddating info

09-Jan-2018 02:25

To make the ordering process faster and friendlier, you should use a regular expression to validate the VAT number immediately while the customer fills out your online order form.

You can do this with some client-side Java Script or in the CGI script on your web server that receives the order form.

Since the punctuation is only for readability, it is much easier to first strip all the punctuation, then validate the resulting bare VAT number.

A single regular expression that matches VAT numbers from 27 countries in any possible notation is an impossible job.

Du you have many EU customers, you can have their VAT numbers checked from a list in one go.

The regular expression The two regular expressions for validating the number are identical.

If you want the country code to be mandatory, remove all the question marks from the regular expression.

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