Updating the trainz asset database

02-Sep-2017 23:52

updating the trainz asset database-1

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All Downloadable Content (DLC) for TANE is downloaded and installed seamlessly in-game.There are no downloads required from the Simulator Central store or serial numbers required.

updating the trainz asset database-52

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To create a shortcut for TANE, simply locate the application, left click to select it, and then r-click and choose from the following options: * Pin to Taskbar (this will create an icon on the bar at the bottom of your screen) * Pin to Star...

Login using your Simulator Central or My Trainz Username and Password.

Note: Support tickets are generally answered in 1-3 days. FOR TANE BUILDS CREATED AFTER JAN 4 2016: (see below for older versions) TANE "SP1" and later versions use new patching and installer technology to simplify the installation process.


Mac USB editions ordered through Simulator Central or all order through Apple Mac store). The following specifications show the minimum requirement in order to run Trainz: A New Era.Please download the following file from Microsoft, which will install the necessary files: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/h... Errors and warnings enable both content creators and end-users to identify if content has any issues that could cause items to behave incorrectly or affect performance in-game. If you import content from another version of Trainz and you see a pink and green texture, this error indicates that the texture files are missing.

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