Updating exterior ranch style home

25-Oct-2017 03:12

Rule of thumb, I tell folks if you spend more 00 after you are listed it will be hard to get back unless house sells for over 0k, and even then gotta go for biggest negatives first.I agree that having the major "money items" addressed would be smart -- maybe if roof and windows are in good shape get a pre-sale seller's inspection that says so...In the kitchen there is a loft area and we intend to leave the beams (they are structural) but remove the tongue and groove boarding to let more light into the kitchen.Kitchen has been updated and cabinets are quite traditional maple , which personally I wouldn't have chosen as I prefer something more modern even if it's shaker style.But some traditional elements wouldn't feel out of place, he adds, such as cedar shingles in place of the dated composite clapboards, and stone veneer over the brown brick foundation.He also suggests adding a gable to the left of the entry and one directly above it to break up the long horizontal roofline and fill the awkward gap above the door."I've Never Liked the look of raised ranches," says Carole Mc Millen, who recently bought this 1970s two-story, in New Paltz, New York, with her husband.But the house's lofty space and open layout were too tempting to pass up.

We have a black, ornate wood burning stove in the dining room too. We knew we would be facing a replacement of both our windows and HVAC within 5 years or so, so that affected the price we paid.So we asked architect Jeff De Graw of nearby Middletown to reimagine its facade."Adding too many historical references to a house like this would just look foolish," says De Graw.In the Midwest Menards markets a line that is amazingly affordable... It can look OK, but honestly a nice smooth drywall has much broader appeal.

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Tough thing is, without knowing if you can DIY or how much workmwpuld be required in your home, this couldmget real expensive.One thing you don't mention, but frankly I think you should think about, is the exterior.

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