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12-Dec-2017 00:40

Thought that guy you swiped left for bore an uncanny resemblance to your favourite Hollywood celeb?Well, it just might have been your A-List beloved – particularly if his or her name sat next to a little blue tick.A new algorithm alternates the photo first seen by others when you show up on Tinder and notes each response to put your best foot – or picture – forward to new people. Just remember according to a new study by the University of Iowa, the secret to success on dating apps comes down to making sure that your profile pictures aren’t all too pristine.Those pictures that are perfectly posed and highly filtered were deemed less socially attractive and less trustworthy, so the more natural your photos the better. We’re expecting an even bigger spike during winter’s cuffing season.

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This option allows you to meet potential dates in a group situation as you can invite your friends too – way less awkward. Feeling like you’re not quite getting the Tinder love you used to?Yes, Tinder has introduced verified profiles for “notable public figures, celebrities and athletes” – much like Twitter and Facebook.

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Obama catapulted to the top of the Democrats' dance card when he captured 38 percent of Iowa voters in 2008, and then swept to victory at the Democratic Convention eight months later.… continue reading »

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