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In stark contrast, however, there are only five tree-ring dates from the 1280s, indicating that construction and repair activities were almost nonexistent at Mesa Verde during that decade.

They occurred at only four cliff dwellings—one of which was Spring House.

he next day, he enlisted a group of friends to carry the beam a short distance to the cliff dwelling he wanted to repair.

(Unlike his ancestors, who had lived in pithouses on the mesa tops, his people built their homes as large apartment buildings in beautiful, massive, natural rockshelters below the mesa tops—probably for defensive reasons.) The young man and his friends used the beam to shore up the roof of the room they used for ceremonies.

Sturt Manning talks to visitors during a demonstration of the tree-ring laboratory following his presentation during Trustee/Council Weekend.

At the lecture, Manning explained how students and lab staff members precisely dated a wooden support beam from Mc Graw Hall to 1870.

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Once they returned it to good working order, they continued to use it for a few more years, but they were the last holdouts in a sparsely populated region.

And as a result of nearly a century of collaboration between archaeologists and dendrochronologists, there are now 4,348 tree-ring dates available from 143 sites at Mesa Verde.