Ntp not updating date

20-Aug-2017 17:28

There is one potential issue with Polycom phones and the time settings: The DHCP server will ALWAYS over-ride the time settings from the WWW interface.

You must then, check the DHCP server for the correct time.Time and Date should be set through the Polycom Boot Server. The date and time on the phone can be set by synchronizing it with an NTP server (Network Time Protocol server).This can be done by logging into your Polycom phone through a web browser. Choose "Submit" to submit your settings and reboot the phone. Select your server and click on the Configuration tab 3. Click on Properties on the right side of the screen 5. Add a new NTP server on the NTP Settings tab, for example org 7.

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performs well in a wide range of conditions, including intermittent network connections, heavily congested networks, changing temperatures (ordinary computer clocks are sensitive to temperature), and systems that do not run continuously, or run on a virtual machine.My thanks to Folkert van Heusden and Anthony Stirk for these developments.