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02-Nov-2017 08:46

In the year 2087, all supplies of food and energy have become extremely scarce, especially food. Since nothing is wasted in this grim future, her body can be of use even after death, so her fresh corpse is transported to the food processing plant.

In order to reduce consumption of dwindling resources, the world government has officially encouraged and subsidized voluntary suicide, including the payment of large bonuses to the families of volunteers. A beautiful flower child gathers arts & crafts material in the woods, as a bow hunter prepares to gather her.

The temptation to embezzle was too great, even though she knew what happened to embezzlers.

But, the henchman for her employer tracks her down.

Within lies a sensuous, busty vampire who mesmerizes the girl and turns her into a midnight snack.

What evil will the boyfriend encounter when he returns? When he refuses to talk, his wife is kidnapped and brought in and stripped in his presence.

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A couple on their way to a Halloween party encounter a mysterious coffin.

She is chloroformed, stripped naked, and taken to a gibbet deep in the woods where she is noosed and forced to stand on a stool.

Soon, she is swinging, kicking, spasming, drooling and ultimately dead.

The soon discover a tattoo behind her left ear, which to them is the sign of the devil and proof that she is a witch.

She is kept in her cell overnight, then the Brothers return in the morning and her clothes are ripped off her body and her hands bound behind her back.Then she is cut down and carried to her burial site...

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