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06-Nov-2017 13:11

She was so wet that I could hear her sloshing again.After a couple of minutes, she grabbed his hand again and thrust her hips up towards it.He gave her a bunch of discount coupons for more massages.He tried to talk her into coming to his studio next time (I wonder if he has hidden cameras ? Jasmine came running upstairs with a guilty look on her face. " I hugged her and told her that is was an incredible turn on!He kind of stammers a bit saying " it's an unusual request, but thats fine".With that, Jasmine reaches back and pushes the sheet completely off of her.The masseur is so nervous to not go too far and get in trouble, but he is so obviously turned on!Next Jasmine does something totally out of her shy character, She asks him if he can massage both sides of her butt at the same time.

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He would work down a leg, then work back up slowly spreading her legs a little further each time. Eventually he got her legs far enough apart I could clearly see him staring at the back of her now soaking wet pussy? He was rubbing up both of her inner thighs all the way to her crotch. He told Jasmine to roll over and he would finish up on the front. She was soooo wet that her pussy made a sloshing sound when she rolled over!

He apologized for the massage taking longer, and said that she only owed him for an hour.