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13-Nov-2017 16:24

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Girls who are average looking are no easier than their hotter counterparts.

If you like clubs, you’ll have fun here, but as a way to meet women, day game is so much superior that if I lived in Moscow I wouldn’t go out much at night to meet women.

If you have a particular fetish for Russian women and have a large bankroll, Russia could very well be your poosy paradise, but you’d have to commit to staying.

While much damage can be done in many countries from a two week stay, I’d advise you to stay at least one month in Russia.

Then again, I don’t really like the clubs in Ukraine either. I was stunned to be denied kisses on the first date by girls who would agree to a second.

Many expats in Moscow I met told me that there is a run-up time of a month until the bangs start rolling in, but for a quick weekend of sex, I wouldn’t come to Russia. We’ve all heard stories of Russian girls being promiscuous, but in my seven weeks in the country, I did not find this at all.

Advantage: Ukraine by a hair You will not find much in the way of value in Russia.

Food and entertainment is pricey, especially in the big cities.

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Almost all the interactions I had in Moscow that led to at least a phone number exchange was on girls who expressed some interest in Italy, similar to how Polish girls would inquire if I was Spanish.

Moscow was just as expensive to me as Washington DC, and by the end of my stay in Moscow, I couldn’t wait to leave for the sole reason of giving relief to my wallet from Earl Grey teas in cafes.