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Nicknames play a special role in chat discourses for direct addressing; the way in which people address one another.

A nick acts as a marker in the chat discourse, comparable with Sack's concept of "speaker select" (Bays 1998; Kortti 1999; Nash 2005).

In this section, approaches to classifications of chat nicknames and analyses of chat communication are presented.

Basically, nicknames are proper nouns (Anderson 2007; Stommel 2007).

IRC is one of the most frequently used chat systems in the world.

It is a multi-user, multi-server and multi-channel text-based chat system for near real-time communication.

She asserts that it is "difficult to predict which part of the nickname will be retained and which part will be dropped" to shorten the nicks.The focus of this semantic topology is about the origin of these nicks.The author identifies seven main categories: 1) people using their real name, 2) self-related names, 3) names related to medium, technology and their nature, 4) names of flora, fauna or objects, 5) play on words and sounds, 6) names related to figures in literature, films, fairytales and famous people, and 7) names related to sex and provocation. She analyzed nicks on a British chat site with four chat forums and 12 chat rooms.Basically, chats allow many-to-many conversations; at times, they contain sequences of one-to-many or one-to-one interactions.

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To prevent misunderstandings regarding the addressing of a message, the nick of the receiver is frequently put in front of the message, followed by a colon and a space.One of the pioneering studies regarding IRC nicknames was done by Bechar-Israeli (1995).