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However at over 40 Naomi still has a body most 20 years old yearn for let alone over that age, a toned dancer’s body on an Amazonian beauty. Audrey Tautou When watching the film Amelia I was captivated by a beautiful face and slender frame, the film was not the most amazing experience for a film but adding to the visual aspect seeing this lady changed my views on certain types of beauty, in every film Audrey Tautou oozes class, beauty and a sophisticated look reminisce of her namesake Audrey Hepburn. Charlize Theron A former fashion model and ballet dancer but now known as an actress and film producer.

She was discovered for acting in random circumstances and then three years later become known for her emotional acting abilities first displayed in The Devils Advocate.

Deserved to be one of the four separate models on ‘The Black Issue’ Vogue cover along with Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn.

Her beauty is astounding and will only get better with age and will become the next Iman to have modeling work way into her mid-40’s to later life. Jennifer Lopez A latin beautiful women of the highest order, Jennifer Lopez since the late 1990’s has been adapting and turning heads with her famous ASSet and her stunning looks.

I remember seeing Kate Winslet in titanic and gladly she was for a film which sank like a ship in my memory apart from her ravishing beauty and still now 10 years on Kate Winslet is one of the most beautiful women in the world.. Jessica Alba From her first appearance on Dark Angel to her latest offerings in film Jessica Alba is a beautiful women and no denying that.

Amazing facial features and a body to match and eventually her sexiness potential was shown in Sin City and from then on her offers of film roles (not all good-Awake? Zoe Kravitz A future model waiting to blow-up, the off-spring of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet.

Though Josie in the pussycats wasn’t her greatest film, she still is amazingly stunning in it.

’Henry the bone-idle basset hound was sleeping 18 hours a day, in The Secret Life Of Puppies (C5). No, he was simply six months old, which in doggie terms makes him a teenager.Now 40 years old Halle is even more beautiful then she has ever been and is now settling into her new life and being a mother gives her added glow (when she was pregnant and came to London for her premier she looked like a Greek goddess) after the heartache and pain of previous relationships.

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