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09-Aug-2017 01:13

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We already have our prize, so why continue pursuing it?This is something that you should remember: You can always lose the person you love.

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Unfortunately, there are many women out there -- you know who you are -- that take advantage of this. Mostly because no one seems to understand what dating is supposed to be anymore.These days, what gets labeled as a "date" is really just an unnecessarily extravagant booty call. You should be capable of differentiating the two and approaching the two different scenarios differently.I'm sure that most of the men reading this don't even remember the last time they picked a girl up and then went to dinner together.

Such a sight is surely more common in suburban and more rural areas, but in urban settings, it's basically nonexistent.

Picking her up before dinner will get you at least an extra 30 minutes. For starters, it's probably because he doesn't pick you up and then take you to dinner (bringing flowers to the restaurant is a bit awkward and inconvenient).