Dating site predators

15-Jul-2017 18:42

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I can explain the difference best by telling you about two men I have dated.

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We worked in the same office high-rise, and it seemed like anywhere on those 32 floors that we went, people knew and liked Mr. When we started dating, I became instantly and bizarrely more popular; it was as if my geekiness was cancelled out by my association with Mr. Women suddenly wanted to talk to me—mostly about Mr. He had dated other women in our building, and some of them struck up conversations, telling me how much fun they had with Mr. One comment that was repeated by every woman was how much he had expanded their sexual boundaries. But you know that he never gets serious about anyone, right? He had a tried-and-true method for getting me to agree to something new.So I had every reason to believe that he was telling me the truth when a few weeks later he casually confessed to having anally raped his 14-year-old niece. His story followed the normal arc of his persuasive narratives: She had been resistant, he had coerced her, and she had enjoyed it so much she even had an orgasm.