Dating bed bugs

21-Jun-2017 05:48

New Yorkers say they have increasingly heard tales of couples breaking up because of the little creatures that have infested New York homes, stores and movie theaters.

One man, interviewed randomly on the street, said he knew someone who broke up because of the bugs who like to hide in mattresses.

He said that's "because they were scared to death about bugs.

She wouldn't date him because he had bedbugs, and she freaked out." The fear of bedbugs is also heightening intimacy tensions.

In the interim, you must keep a skeleton closet so you can dress for work, exercise, sleep, and just, you know, being a human.

At first, having such a small selection of clothing was hard.

So I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that I had collected the average amount of clothes.

Stacie Handwerker, a real estate attorney, said, "I was dating a guy, and he asked me do you have any bedbugs in [your] apartment? " The exterminators are on the front lines of the bedbug battles, and they have seen the casualties: romance.

Timothy Wong, the technical director of M&M Environmental exterminators in lower Manhattan, said he has seen couples break up because of bedbugs.

They were first brought to the United States by early colonists, where they thrived for many decades.

However, by the 1950's, bed bugs had been all but eradicated in the developed world, thanks to the availability of new pest control products, coupled with the widespread use of vacuums and washing machines which helped to control the spread of infestations in living spaces.One woman said, "I think there's enough excuses not to date someone in New York.

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