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The 1600’s are also marked by the introduction of the pear case.

The pear case remained in common use well into the 1700’s and can be found as late as the 1820’s.

allowing its’ presence to be noted as a symbol of prestige.

It should be noted that all watches of this period were extremely valuable items and solely the domain of the financially privileged as even the lower end In the sixteen hundreds some major developments occurred in the actual mechanics of the pocket or pendant watch.

Fusees were originally made of boar’s bristle and later towards the end of the1600’s of metal.

It is highly unlikely that you might find a watch with a boar’s bristle fusee, but if you do come across one it is a good indicator that the watch is probably from the early or mid 1600’s.

The first pocket watches were constructed in the 1500’s.Most notable of these was the introduction of the fusee or chain, which acted as a cam and was used to regulate the rate at which the mainspring unwinds.