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This is why during his life, Jesus was called sometimes Jesus of Nazareth and other times Jesus son of Joseph, which is supported by Christian sources (Luke 4.22; John 1.45; 6.42; Acts 10.38).

The word Christ is not a name but a title derived for the Greek word “The anointed one”.

Today we know that the dates worked out by Dionysius Exiguus are not fully accurate.

Herod reigned from 716 AUC (37 BCE) to 749 AUC (4 BCE).

The combination of killings, revolts, and social turbulence in Archelaus’ realm was too much for the patience of Roman authorities: in 6 CE the Emperor Augustus deposed and exiled Archelaus, sending him to Gaul, and his domain became the Roman Province of Iudaea in 6 CE (sometime spelled Judea, not to be confused with Judea proper, the region between Samaria and Idumea).

Thus, Iudaea was under direct Roman administration and the province was governed by rulers directly appointed by the Roman Emperor.

Luke (2.1-2) also links the birth of Jesus with a census for taxation purposes ordered by the Roman Emperor Augustus and driven by Quirnius, the Syrian governor.

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Galilee in the north and Perea in the southeast were entrusted to Herod Antipas (c. 39 CE), whose reign (4 BCE - 39 CE) covered the entire life of Jesus.

This means that, according to Dionysius Exiguus' calculations, the city of Rome was founded 753 years before the birth of Jesus.

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