Advice for dating someone with herpes

03-Aug-2017 19:51

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Some basic ideas about how to have “The Talk” are: However, there are two disadvantages to waiting a long time.

For one thing, if your partner does decide not to continue the relationship then you leave yourself open to getting badly hurt, since you’ll be more emotionally invested.

The important thing is that you not put them at risk for getting herpes before you disclose to them that you have it.

If you get a negative reaction from your partner, get some support from a trusted friend or herpes support group to help you through this.

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That can happen quickly or slowly, depending on how often you see each other and how personal other topics of conversation get between you.This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions designed to help you explore and understand a few of the thorny issues that can come up in relationships as a result of one or both partners having herpes.The questions and answers below were chosen to give the reader an idea of how to understand the possibilities in each situation, how to find the answers you need, and how to proceed once you get your bearings.Maybe they suddenly developed symptoms, or maybe it shows up in a blood test, or maybe someone else tells you this news – there are many different ways you could discover this.

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Whatever way it happens, this can send a shockwave through you on multiple levels.Having “The Talk” can be very stressful but it is important to do.